Apostle Bennie Fluellen 


Believer … Husband … Father … Apostle … Teacher … Songwriter …  

Recording Artist … Worshipper…Worship Leader … Author….Entrepreneur  


Apostle Bennie Fluellen is the Overseer and Apostle to Overflow Ministries Covenant Church, whose mission rests upon "Building the Foundation of Family, Marriage, Relationships, Performing Arts & Entrepreneurs'.” Covenant is the hallmark of Overflow Ministries.  Apostle Bennie is the founder of HAND’S AFRICA where Bishop Sunday Okokoni is the national coordinator and launching pad for the work.    He serves them by assisting, fathering, mentoring, and guiding other Senior Pastors in the work of their respective local churches.  He is also the founder and visionary for SOULutions with Apostle Bennie Fluellen (a ministry targeting those on social media.  SOULutions, a FB Live Broadcast, airs bi-weekly on Tuesdays from 7:00 – 8:00 PM) and Coat of Color Ministries, Inc., A ministry where he equips the saints away from Overflow Ministries Covenant Church and where he imparts apostolically to the Body of Christ nationally and internationally, Apostle is impacting the Body of Christ with revelatory teaching and preaching establishing God’s order for the New Testament Church. He also serves the marketplace in business, corporate, and educational arenas as a certified trainer in the area of diversity and business development skills. 


Apostle Bennie (affectionately called and known as “Pop”, “Dad” or “My Apostle”) is known for his passionate worship and leading others in unforgettable, prophetic worship experiences.  His earth shaking teachings on topics such as: the New Testament Church, Church Government, Healing the Soul, Worship, and Relationships to name a few,  literally dismantles the religious and traditional systems within the Body of Christ.  The explosive teaching, preaching and singing ministry of Apostle Bennie Fluellen continues to bless and equip the Body of Christ. His outspoken messages have shaken the gates of hell, liberating the captive bound into an overflowing life of true relationship with Christ Jesus.   


As a result of Apostle Bennie's other endeavors include  D.A.R.E. to Succeed and Prosper  putting the pen to what he has experienced with the wisdom and understanding of how to pragmatically help people succeed; Successful Meditations, a music and word CD utilized in churches, businesses, hospitals, etc. to help bring healing and right thinking to people.  Apostle Bennie can be seen and heard on regional television and radio stations and can be heard on, “Successful Meditations”, “Worship, My Highest Call”, and his latest single “I Will Not Miss My Time” as songwriter, lead vocalist, and Executive Producer.  These music projects accompany his books, “D.A.R.E. To Succeed and Prosper.”, “Worship, My Highest Call”,  “Life In Context” and other teaching manuscripts and books.  You will also find Apostle Bennie on the Nation of Praise project (Heirs Media Group), where he is the writer and lead vocalist of the song “Healing in His Wings”.   


Before founding Overflow Ministries Covenant Church, Apostle Bennie served as Assistant   

Pastor of Christ Emmanuel Christian Fellowship, Cincinnati, Ohio for more than fifteen years serving faithfully the vision of Bishop Michael E. Dantley.  He served as visionary and leader with oversight of Congregational Life, Kingdom Life, Administration, Operations, and Finance, and all of the entrepreneurial and economic ventures of the ministry.  As an avid worshipper,


Overflow Ministries Covenant Church


"Building, Restoring and Preserving the Foundations!

Overflow Ministries Covenant Church


"Building, Restoring and Preserving the Foundations!

Overflow Ministries Covenant Church


"Building, Restoring and Preserving the Foundations!

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